Now You Can Pursue a Degree in Becoming an Influencer

South East Technological University in Carlow, Ireland, is paving the way for aspiring influencers by offering an official degree program tailored to this burgeoning career path.

The term “influencer” has been buzzing in mainstream media for years, but as we approach 2030, it’s no longer a distant dream reserved for a fortunate few. Thanks to platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter/X, there’s a multitude of channels to share content, all with the potential to turn a profit for dedicated individuals with original ideas.

Now You Can Pursue a Degree in Becoming an Influencer
Now You Can Pursue a Degree in Becoming an Influencer

Some content creators are leading the charge, not only as influencers but also as trailblazers in a new era of employment centered around the concept of being an “influencer.” Companies are already harnessing these platforms to scout potential candidates and introduce their products to a broader audience.

The influencer market has experienced explosive growth, more than doubling since 2019 and estimated to be worth a staggering 21.1 billion U.S. dollars. Achieving profits in the billions requires more than sporadic courses—it demands a comprehensive educational approach, precisely what South East Technological University aims to provide.

Delving Deeper into the Influencer Degree

South East Technological University’s influencer degree primarily focuses on marketing and the art of self-promotion while staying abreast of the latest trends. TikTok, for instance, has witnessed the rise of numerous users who have become some of the platform’s most prominent creators.

Irene McCormick, a senior lecturer at the university, explained, “We knew there was a space and need for this; we just needed to develop the course into a Bachelor’s degree and get it ratified.” While other universities like USC, Cornell, Duke, and Chapman have offered similar courses, they typically consist of one-off classes rather than an integrated degree program.

South East Technological University plans to admit 40 students into the program in the upcoming year, but McCormick anticipates growth fueled by the popularity of the university’s summer course, which featured instruction from viral TikTok creators and industry experts.

As the influencer industry continues to expand, the demand for educational programs like the one offered by South East Technological University is likely to increase, providing aspiring influencers with a structured path to success in this evolving field.

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